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CF(Chiller Frigoriferi)

CF CHILLER FRIGORIFERI is a flexible and fast company. We reduced our bureaucracy in order to minimize the waiting time, both in the process of quoting and in delivery of the product
CF CHILLER FRIGORIFERI is a team of people with a solid and proven experience in the field of industry. We can offer you the best technical and commercial solution according to your needs.
Caratteristiche principali Serie CFA-V
CF CHILLER FRIGORIFERI is a company born to transfer his passion through a team. Our passion is in supplying chillers and solution for process cooling and air conditioning application. Our team is our consciousness that each passion can take life only from a living and deep human contribute.
Gruppo Frigorifero da 30 kW Water chiller by 30 kW
Refrigerante R410a, accumulo e pompa P2, by pass acqua, filtro acqua, regolazione elettronica ventilatori R410a, water tank and P2 pump, water by pass, water filter, electronic fan speed regulation
Caratteristiche principali serie CFW e CHW e CFW_ME
Chiller Frigoriferi presenta un vasta gamma di refrigeratori di liquido (CFW) e pompe di calore (CHW) condensate ad acqua, adatti per installazione all’interno (protezione IP44), ma ingegnerizzate anche per installazione all’esterno al riparo di un tetto. La gamma è adatta per impianti di refrigerazione industriale e/o climatizzazione.
Main features CFA and CHA Serie CFA and CHA series represent a wide range of air cooled water chillers and heat pumps for outdoor installation (IP54 protection rate), suitable for cooling water for process cooling and/or air conditioning application.
Main features CFA-V Serie CFA-V serie represents a wide range of air cooled liquid chillers, for outdoor installation, which is the best solution in order to satisfy the requests about big air conditioning systems and process cooling.